Members Benefits

I have seen over time the benefits of community and how like-minded people together can not only support one another but encourage motivation and accountability too. I have designed a membership that offers you just the right amount of learning, community support, challenges and ideas to not overwhelm but to inspire. This membership is designed to help with the journey of ongoing, consistent application of strategies/ techniques that can be difficult with the realities of life. Elisa x

  • Up to 50% off Think Autism Online Courses (free for existing RDI clients)

  • Up to 50 % off Think Autism Workshops and Training (free for existing RDI clients)

  • Trainings on various relevant topics related to development & interaction

  • Quarterly (this may increase as members and demand increases) live Q &A with opportunities to ask questions on things that might be challenging

  • Video breakdown of interaction to continue your understanding

  • Monthly challenges

  • Guest interviews/ speakers

  • Activity suggestions and planning support sessions

  • Community & connection with others who know what we’re talking about

Become a member

Join the community and get the support you need.


  • How much time will this take?

    As with any typical membership, you are free to engage as much as you like; there may be things that you are more interested in than others, there is no judgement, the membership is there to support you. It is completely up to you how involved you want to be in it.

  • Who is this membership for?

    It is exclusively for previous Think Autism Clients (parents) to offer ongoing support. Current Think Autism Clients will also be allowed membership (complimentary), if they want it. Keeping it exclusive to only these two groups will ensure your privacy, like mindedness and focused support. The community is moderated by me, I will provide the content and support so you know what you are getting, and you can trust that I have some knowledge of your child/ family.

  • What will it cost?

    Special offer of £97 for the year (approximately £8 per month) until 31st December 2021. Usually it is £147 per year (£12.25 per month). Membership is renewed each year – via invoice from the date that you join and you will stay on the paid price that you joined on. This will be an upfront payment, no monthly payments offered for this, I’m afraid (it just becomes too fiddly with admin each month for such a small amount).

Become a member

Join the community and get the support you need.