This course is designed for parents who have children with autism and want to learn how to be more effective communicators and help their children become more effective communicators too. I intend to share some great information with you during this introductory course about changing the way you think about communication and therefore changing your communication. There are five lessons that you will go through over 10 days:

   1. Less is more
   2. Processing time
   3. Non verbal communication
   4. Verbal communication
   5. Opportunities and invitations

This course will allow you time to digest the information, reflect on it, observe and analyse your own communication / relationship.

Please do keep in mind that this course is an introductory level of communication and there is so much more to learn. However, with this information you can start to make changes on your own.

The course is not about doing something to your child or making your child do or say something. Instead it is about working on YOUR communication and this alone has an effect on your communication relationship with your child.

About the instructor

Autism Consultant and Trainer

Elisa Ferriggi

Owner and Consultant of Think Autism BSc (Hons) Psychology, Dip.Couns, RDI® Certified Program Consultant, Certified HANDLE® Screener, Accredited Triple P Provider and NLP Practitioner, Sleep Scotland Practitioner, PROACT-SCIPr UK, Education and Training Level 3 Award, Working with Parents Level 4 Award, plus attendance and participation to numerous short courses. Since June 2003, Elisa Ferriggi has been working with autistic children and their families.  As an autism consultant and trainer, Elisa Ferriggi is dedicated to empowering parents and professionals to feel competent in guiding children with autism to improve quality of life. By addressing the core features of autism and unlocking potential, children are able to develop milestones required to connect with others and establish true relationships. She understands the complex demands made on parents in helping their children and developing their relationship and the emotional journey many are going through. Her enthusiasm and commitment shine through in helping families be the best they can be. She admires the persistence of parents in helping their children with the challenges they face. She has created, designed and delivered multiple presentations and workshops to both parents and professionals. She has worked with many schools and colleges over the years, charities and organisations such as Autism Anglia, Little Miracles and Pinpoint-Cambridgeshire.

When implemented this course can make huge improvements to your connection with your child

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